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2014.09.07 ::harajuku fashion walk new york:: couple color snap

Kat beans and boyfriend looking too adorable in their matchy coords

fairy kei FTW yuss “He is not into this at all” We commend you bf, for supporting the bae <3

2014.09.07 ::harajuku fashion walk nyc:: 可愛いsnap

bbygurl Kitty~ showing harajuku love with her super colorful cute coord!
«I just love her awesome unicor partner.ちょbadass~»

2014.09.07 Harajuku fashion walk start @ lincoln center

D’eluge vocalist [ @zak_aura ] rocking signature Nagoya Kei style,  かっちょいいね~

+dead is the new black+

Harajuku Fashion Walk New York 2014 - 80+ people, some coming from as far as pennsylvania, gathered at Lincoln center doing NYFW to walk to the red steps in time square~ A walk to celebrate our love for Japanese street fashion and its popular culture~




This vodka looks like a fucking galaxy bye.


kinda need this sparkle vodka, plz n thnx

2014.06.07 -Oshare Snap- ::Acryl Agitt booth at AnimeNEXT::

Designer & vocalist, Nari, dressed in Acryl Closet at ANEXT. The pants are wearing are his design.

2014.04 Patricia Field in NYC ::Shop Staff Fashion Snap::

My favorite shopping assistant, Chris! He is so friendly and he stays with you alot of the time helping and suggesting the best stuff~  He even convinced me to buy [my now favorite shoes] the clear combat books by making me feel like Cinderella笑

If you are ever in NYC in the East Village visit Patricia Field shop!
It is definitely a fun shopping experience~