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This vodka looks like a fucking galaxy bye.


kinda need this sparkle vodka, plz n thnx

2014.06.07 -Oshare Snap- ::Acryl Agitt booth at AnimeNEXT::

Designer & vocalist, Nari, dressed in Acryl Closet at ANEXT. The pants are wearing are his design.

2014.04 Patricia Field in NYC ::Shop Staff Fashion Snap::

My favorite shopping assistant, Chris! He is so friendly and he stays with you alot of the time helping and suggesting the best stuff~  He even convinced me to buy [my now favorite shoes] the clear combat books by making me feel like Cinderella笑

If you are ever in NYC in the East Village visit Patricia Field shop!
It is definitely a fun shopping experience~

2014.04.27 ::life in our secret wonderland:: special place, NYC

pictured: lovie @tearsliberation

BJラブ懐かしい思うな~私のともだちがさびしいですよ。。。still love the same things &lt;3 I&#8217;m happy

still love the same things <3 I’m happy


He has very expressive eyebrows

but dem eyes doe:)

Who is this lovely? gotta know~